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We commissioned a nationwide survey to ask the question:

Who wears the trousers when it comes to creating a dream home?

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Nearly three quarters of items in the average British home were picked out by the lady of the house, it emerged. Our study of 2,000 couples revealed men do have some say on the surroundings, usually electronic equipment or the type of car purchased but it’s their partners who take the lead in furniture, appliances and even the location of the house itself.

Piers Banfield, Group Sales and Marketing Director for Banner Homes said:

“When it comes to deciding on the look and feel of a house, every couple goes through their own process but it’s clear that more often than not a woman’s taste is the bigger influence. Men often trust their partner to lead the design and decoration of the home and tend to take the initiative on decisions in other areas and that compromise is only natural in any relationship.”
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At Banner Homes, our customers’ dreams are our starting point – here are just a few of them...

Results of the survey

At Banner Homes, our customers’ dreams are our starting point.

For those who yearn for the perfect place to bring up a family, we create magnificent detached homes on secluded roads in some of the most sought-after and well-connected areas.

Carefully designed to blend effortlessly with their prestigious surroundings, each of our homes is classic yet unashamedly contemporary and highly luxurious – from its exquisitely-crafted open plan kitchen to its state-of-the-art media system.

We believe that dreams should never be compromised.

Come and tell us yours.
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